Keyshia vs. Mary – A dissection of two distinguished ladies

So sue me, I’m only starting to get into the amazing talent that is Keyshia Cole. I wasn’t really feeling that track she did with Kanye a while back, but always knew she had an ill voice. “Let It Go” was the first song of hers I had in serious rotation. And now with that 2Pac joint AND that fine family viewing known as her reality TV show all up in the mix, I’m fully on board, looking to get retroactively get her catalogue in my repertoire.

That being said, I can finally see why more people have been making comparisons between her and my reigning queen of soul, Mary J. Blige. Most are cosmetic I know, and I highly doubt Keyshia is making a serious stab at the crown like that, but it feels like the people that groom her (stylists, video directors, song arrangers) are placing Cole soooo close to Blige that it leaves people no other option but to compare.

Par example:

Mary J. Blige – “Everything”
directed by Hype Williams

Keyshia Cole – “Heaven Sent”
directed by Benny Boom

It’s like what Russell Peters said: the media places two images together, doesn’t say anything about them, but lets the media draw their own conclusions. Like a picture an asian person coupled with a car accident. You’re left with the question “What do you think?”

Mary J. Blige ft. Smif ‘N’ Wessun – I Love You (Remix) (1995)

Lil’ Wayne ft. Keyshia Cole – “I Love You” (2008)

Sequels always suck, and no one’s ever really done well for themselves being the second coming of some big name (see: Sean Lennon, Frank Sinatra Jr., Nick Carter, lol). Keyshia will definitely find her own lane and will rule all in the years to come, but the powers that be need to dead all this jockeying for position. Mary’s one of those artists that is going to be around for a long time, so that’ll be a very large shadow that you’ll have to run far away from to not be under.


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