The appeal of Mass Appeal

My first exposure to DJ Premier production was also the quintessential winter in the streets video. Of course, from the instant I had this on tape (shout to Muchmusic Rap City), I kept it in constant loop. And everytime it would be start from the top, there would be so many reasons that kept me WATCHING this song, in addition to listening to it.

1. The trip to the beach in the winter was low budget filming at its best. It doesn’t not get any more atypical of a hip-hop video than a bunch of dudes head to toe in parkas, on a beach frozen over, with no girls, and no booze. To this day, I would refer to this scene as a lookbook for winter fashion trends.

2. As a new cat fiending for anything hip-hop in the early 90’s, watching Preemo’s cuts had me rewind his parts on the fader ad nauseam. Those scenes are one of the main reasons I became what I am today. And upon further reflection, his mixer-table-table setup had my mind blown (sorry, that’s some nerd ish you ain’t gotta worry about).

3. The bleekness of the project hallways, the exhaust sputtering hooptie, Guru’s hoodrat friends (who may or may not have been party of the Gangstarr Foundation) poking their heads out their doors. The grimy basement party with probably a lot of Mad Lion records playing for full effect. I doubt they spent any money on set re-creation.



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One Response to “The appeal of Mass Appeal”

  1. Big Jacks Says:

    gotta love those hoodrat friends! big up lil dap in the backseat.

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