While most of my time this month is caught up doing a bunch of corporate gigs and such (stuff I wouldn’t really promote to the public), here are two parties I most definitely co-sign and invite all of you to come out and partake in the revelry.

My peoples at CONTRAMAG.COM (shouts to Trung and Mel B!) are having their year-end wrap party @ Rolly’s Garage, which is this wicked venue (think change your oil by day; dusk til dawn rager by night) owned by the homegirls girlsofierce. I’m running big tunes along with Yo-Ev, Jae Sun & Selector Bones. This party is RSVP only, so take this as your cue, get yourself on the guest list and reach out!

Just so you know, I’ll be running the early set, then heading over to Swerve, so if you want your slice of mensa, arrive promptly at 8!

The week following will be the third installment of the MAIN INGREDIENT put on The Academy and my dude Wan Luv. If anyone was at the second one on Thanksgiving, you know that myself, DJ Agile, and Sean Sax, got it in HEAVY and tore down the spot. We’re upgrading ourselves and having this big jam upstairs at Revival. Soulful vibes through eclectic selection all night long.

Make it a date, and come through before the holiday season kicks into full gear!


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