A few words about 2000 ‘Til…

Two and a half years ago, this party started at Tangerine Lounge (RIP), a cramped space famed for holding great one-off parties. The concept was well received based on the fact that it was a music-driven party. Anchored by P-Plus, supported by Merciless, and me playing garbage time, this was the litmus test for the those truly in the know. Yes, we played Jay, Wayne, and Mavado, but we also countered it with Jazzy, J-Dilla, and Shawn Escoffrey. It’s become an institution in the city for those who don’t care about showing face (but still looking good), getting down to the tried and true ish, as well as daring themself to like something left-field and obscure.

The mixes I compiled definitely skew more towards the commercial side of things. HOWEVER, I definitely did not seek to make this a “Now That’s What I Call Music” CD, or a best of this decade. This is my personal take of the songs that have made me love music this decade, as well as the songs that have been well-received at the party. As per usual with all my mixes, my mandate is VIBE. Start off slow, accelerate to a good speed, and end in overdrive.

I certainly needed to take the long view as to what songs were hot. As has been the case with the past few editions of the party, we tend to gravitate towards what’s been hot in the past couple years. I admit it’s only natural, especially when the party had swollen to such large capacities. But some songs from 00-04 era had been neglected, so I needed to rep them in some form or fashion (see Missy Elliott, Glenn Lewis, Ashanti, Young Gunz).

I’m content with the final product, but need to stress that by no means is this the DEFINITIVE sound of our decade. Even after the first mix, I was still able to round up another 300 songs for this double disc, and still had to scale down the playlist two thirds. That’s a lot of heat that had be lopped off. There could probably be at least two more editions of the mix, and one is already in pre-production.

2000 TRILL: Ode To The Dirty South will be having you on lean real soon.

But in the meantime, enjoy not only what I’ve made, but what my fellow DJ’s, promoters, and party goers have defined as the music of OUR era.

Good music exists in our time.

This is 2000 ‘Til.


2000 ‘TIL – 2.0 – THE CLUB EDITION


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3 Responses to “A few words about 2000 ‘Til…”

  1. Arrogant Roy Says:

    “cause when i come in, I COOOOMMEEE IINNNNNN” (pause)

  2. grandgroovedjs Says:

    i’m about to finally take these in…once this royale soca mix is done!

  3. Guy Says:

    Yo your link to your mix was a virus…thanks.

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