Back in 05, I was recording a mixtape at my dude’s house. It was 3 in the morning, and I was trying to beat deadline so it could get pressed up by weekend. In the wee hours, with my eyes heavy from editing, this girl hits me up on MSN and starts chatting up a storm, but on some business ish. I was scratching my head at the randomness of it all, but it was cool. “Yo I’m a singer and I’m looking for a DJ.”

Eff. Not another act that needs a DJ, I thought. I was already the musical support for three different acts, plus a fill in for a couple others with higher profiles, and now another Toronto act (no doubt talented) wanted to get in. I’m the kind of guy that never says no, so I told her to defer her pitch to a daytime hour and send me some music.

The first tune she ever sent me was FALLEN, which is nothing short of an R’n’B BANGER. I gave it play on my radio show (Project Bounce, RIP) for a month straight, which is something I never did. We’ve done a couple shows since, but most importantly, Ayah has seen her stock rise as her voice and infectious tunes win over more fans with every performance.

You can catch Ayah and me open up for Robin Thicke at Kool Haus this Monday, Oct 6.


2 Responses to “AYAH”

  1. Big Jacks Says:

    this will be dope!

  2. C Banga! Says:

    Ayah huh? Big Jaaaaaacks speak the truth… lol!

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