SOLANGE. Is this chick for real?

Solange emerges.

I think so…but it took a lot of convincing.

Her debut back in ’03, at the height of Beyonce’s/Destiny’s Child fame, was nothing but a set up for Solange’s loss. Career suicide, before it even had a chance to begin. Kinda like Nick Carter bringing Aaron just so they could fight over the same demographic but with more talent.

Now, 6 years, a dissolved marriage, and a 3-year old kid later, all before the age of 25, and Solange gives herself a completely new positioning relative to Queen B. But hold up, are the moves she’s making too drastic to make from jump?

Presenting the evidence:

1. Six minute opuses with wild ass song names (a la Maxwell).

2. Having the public desire to be the “Black Bjork.”

3. Eclectic guest spots from Bilal to Lil Wayne.

4. A track entitled “Fuck The Industry” that poo poo’s on the same machine that made her kinfolk a pop culture icon?

I’m thinking homegirl might be a little out of pocket with that last one. Her first single “I Decided” is a hit in the UK, and getting love in North America. Like I understand you want to distant yourself from former image and the shadow of those that came before you, but be easy. People read quotes like “Black Bjork” and think “marketing strategy.”

Just because your tune runs on MTV2 or VH1 doesn’t mean that you are swimming against the current, not yet. I doubt she’ll be shunning her current lifestyle to take the ‘independent as fuck, touring the midwest in a Winnebago” path anytime soon.

All the same, every song she’s put out has been dope, proving good pipes do run in the Knowles family. Like anything else, let the work build the reputation and take it from there.




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