Best of Redman, Saadiq, & Nate Dogg!

Three bad brothers that you know so well.

Now with the music industry officially going down the crapper, it’s time to start offering the young bucks some perspective on good music (you can tell how old I make myself sound by saying that). Kind of like the Cliff Notes of an artist’s entire anthology, a good ‘best-of’ mix made by a reputable DJ can get a person up to speed on the key joints in an artist’s career in about an hour, as well as show off said DJ’s flavor.

Cosmo Baker, of The Rub crew in NYC, recently put out a real tight mixtape dedicated to REDMAN, in support their recent tour. A lot of material to choose from as Red has had one of the most consistent careers of any rapper ever.


Washington D.C. producer/DJ Quartermayne paid tribute to one of the most celebrated artists of our era, Raphael Saadiq. Along with his Tony Toni Tone and Lucy Pearl collabs, Quartermayne goes in on some album cuts and the huge tracks he had produced/penned for other artists like D’Angelo and Erykah Badu. Many surprises, and amazing vibe throughout.

QOOL DJ UNCLE Q – Best of Raphael Saadiq

And finally is my favorite mix of the moment. California’s Steve 1der, who’s doing it really big out West, pays homage to one of its biggest musical icons, Nate Dogg. 1der does it up proper, tightening up all of the crooner’s biggest tunes to JUST THE HOOK, making it as succinct of a summary of the D-O-double-G’s career as you can get. Recent news of him suffering his second stroke has all of us going, “Nate, hold ya head.”



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4 Responses to “Best of Redman, Saadiq, & Nate Dogg!”

  1. push Says:

    this is by far, the best shit ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    for now at least. 🙂

    i just busted your comment cherry.

  2. npmendoza Says:

    Raph Saadiq makes everything turn to gold.

  3. SQDJUQ Says:

    Thanks so much for the posting and love.

    Supa Qool DJ Uncle Q

  4. SQDJUQ Says:

    Check me out on

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